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– Anita Giovannoni, Life Coach at Lifeworx


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Here Are Some Of The Ways We Help Can You:


Understand Yourself - What Makes You "Tick"


Make Powerful Decisions


Build Great Relationships


Understand Others


Establish "who you are"


Learn The Secrets Of Your Brain


Build Great Teams


Career And Subject Choices That Suit You

Being a Life Coach, I have used My Next Step for both clients and staff alike. It has helped in a wide-range of areas. One in particular is a young client of mine who has been battling to make life-choices since he matriculated two years ago. I recently worked with MNS and the results enabled him to get confidence to take his next step. He has started a course which fits his thinking styles really well and he is loving it. I recommend my Next Step to help give that extra validation

Anita Giovannoni

Life Coach, Lifeworx

“I am the manager of the Laundry Bin which is a Laundry company that I have been managing since it opened over 10years ago. My role requires a multitude of different aspects with both clients and my team, so I need to know how to respond to them in the different ways. This is really important as we are growing and constantly developing. My Next Step has enabled me to understand myself better and has made me confident enough to make better decisions”

Ronnie Mwanza

Manager, The Laundry Bin

“As a registered counsellor, I work closely with learners across many schools and settings. I have used My Next Step for a number of years to assist Grade 9 learners and matric learners to identify which subjects, and following this, what career path these learners should take. I have found that this process has been highly successful with their decision-making processes resulting in fewer subject changes within their school years and more confident applications to universities and colleges”

Danielle Bentel

Registered Counsellor

My Next Step Is For Everyone

See Which Analysis Suits You


You are objective and realistic, you like to examine information by digging deeper and gaining fact-based evidence 


You are traditional, enjoy working hard and being organised, you like to follow procedures


You are imaginative, intuitive and you like to focus on the big picture, you dislike following rules and routines


You love spending time with and helping other people, you are a passionate and enthusiastic person

What's My Investment?

Understand yourself and how you like to think to make sound and relevant decisions with big impact

Get Your Brain Profile For Just R399.

Meet Debbie!

“I have a passion for people and how they can develop themselves and succeed in their lives. There are so many different aspects that influence us – be it relationships, career, business, the way we communicate, how we learn, how we solve problems, how we act towards other people and how we make decisions…”

A small investment can save a lifetime of wrong choices and unhappiness.

“…The human brain and thinking preferences and processes are a key aspect to this. We are all unique individuals, living unique lives. Identifying and determining our brain and thinking processes has a huge impact on our success and development in our lives. Using the NBI® is unique as it measures our preferences as to the way we think and how we can develop ourselves.”

Debbie has a Business Science Honours Degree in Organisational Psychology, is a registered Psychometrist with the HPCSA and has accreditation with numerous psychometric assessments.

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